Monday, 29 April 2013

The Last Ahhh!

Today's final post in support of National Pet Month, showcases some very special pets...

First up is Rachel Varney's much-loved pug, Stanley.

The lovely StanleyStanley likes cuddles, carrots and cheese.

And to round things off nicely, here's some more about the twosome who launched our look at the pampered pets of Smiths News...

Skimble and Jess

Skimble likes feet, the colour red, chasing laser pointer dots and the elastic bands the postie leaves around. Jess likes posing as the Felix cat, cheese and sitting on heads - particularly when they're asleep!

In case you missed them, here's the links to our previous parades of pets:

Thanks to everyone who took part, it was a great to have such a cheerful start to every week in April!


  1. I am very disappointed that I sent pictures of my 3 dogs and they were not shown.


    Sue Lamming

    01752 331154

  2. Sue - good to see you've spotted the starring role for your three already :)