Monday, 8 April 2013

National Pet Month - The First Pets Are In!

Welcome back. We have the first set of our National Pet Month photos to show you!

Misty and Pippa

First up are Misty and Pippa. Misty is Marina Morgner’s 4 ½ year old Staffie. She loves chasing pigeons, swimming and cuddling on the sofa after a long day of having fun. Pippa is Jo Kelly’s lovely chocolate cocker spaniel.

Tom and Rosie

Jen Taylor’s two cats are Tom and Rosie. They’re brother & sister.

Smokey Before and After

And finally we have the Before and After photos of Rebecca Hedges's Smokey, a soft-coated Wheaten Terrier. He’s recently had a haircut and looks very different, almost a new dog! You may recall Smokey made an appearance here last year, along with Rachel Varney's pug, Stanley.

We have room for lots more! Send your photos of your pampered pet(s) to

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