Monday, 15 April 2013

It's That Ahhhhhh Time Again!

We have our second batch of pet pics to show you! Pets 2 First up we have Tamsin Succony's beagle Lexie with her (dog friendly) Birthday cakes! Swiftly followed by Fred gripping his new toy. Fred is an African grey parrot and belongs to Andy Whitehurst.

pets 3 Andy also has a staffie called Ty, who shows us he's rather partial to staying in bed and licking crisp packets! We have at least one more pet picture to show you for National Pet Month. Whether you have a pampered pooch, a cuddlesome cat, or a gollumptious goldfish, we want to see them all!

Send your photos to with a couple of details (e.g. name and what they're doing) and we'll do the rest!

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