Monday, 29 April 2013

Pet Month Extra Ahhhhhsome!

Just when we thought we'd ended our coverage for National Pet Month, we've found some extra special contributions from you this morning. It's the perfect excuse to bring you more cute pictures to help brighten up your Monday :)

First up are Sue and Pete Lammings' trio of Schnauzers...

Sue Lammings cute Schnauzers

At the top left we find all three - from left to right they are Bertie, 7 years old, Barney 5 years old  and Betsy (leader of the gang) 8 years old. Below them there's Bert chilling on the chair. Top right finds Barney keeping his 1 good eye on Sue ( he lost the other at 10 months old) and finally there's Betsy with her ‘WHAT’ face, the littlest but by far the stroppiest!

Then Keith Foster not only introduces us to Sami Hyypia Foster, he also slipped in a gorgeous puppy pic!

Sami and puppies

Keith says he hopes they'll make you smile. I think that's pretty much guaranteed Keith!

And finally, Laura Morris introduces us to Billie and Shandy...

Billie and Shandy

Laura says Billie is still a kitten at heart; she loves nibbling crisps and belly rubs. Shandy is a clever kitty who enjoys doing crosswords!

I think you'll agree we have a superb trio of contributions for our Pet Month Extra! :D

PlumExtra! Extra! Here's Plum; she’s an Irish Water Spaniel and is owned by Val Wichel, who loves her dearly.


  1. Thank you J they all had their hair cut on Wednesday and they look totally different! Thanks again.


    Sue Lamming

    01752 331154

  2. Sue, they are very cute! I don't blame you waiting until the weather got warmer for their haircut time :)