Thursday, 13 June 2013

Here Be Dragons

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Sunny Sundays are made for messing about on the river! And that's precisely what plenty of people from Smiths News got up to last weekend :)

Team Blazing Paddles (The Consortium), No Pressure (Rowan House) and Get the Word Out (Worcester MSC and Instore) all put their pride on the line when they came together to compete for company honours in the Race the Dragon regatta at Worcester.

There may have been 22 teams competing for the top dragon boat trophy, but none was fought more keenly than that for best Smiths News team. In the end, Worcester ensured their home advantage counted, though everyone agreed a lot of fun was had in the process.

Laura Morris said:

From a ‘No Pressure’ point of view, the day was really enjoyed by all. Despite not having any water practice, the crew did really well and improved with every race, even winning one of their heats! Special thanks to Nic Black – without her coaching and pre-race warm-ups I’m sure the aches and pains would have been much worse! Really looking forward to next year!!

And Jane Kingman (The Consortium) added:

Arms ached a bit on Monday but it’s all settled down now.  The t-shirt tan is still there though!

What a brilliant, fun day!  No one from our crew had ever been on a Dragon Boat before, so it took a couple of races to get our technique just right.  We ended the day slightly soggy, slightly pink, and with smiles on our faces.  We will definitely be looking forward to the regatta again next year. 

Get the Word Out took double honours with a trophy for 9th place overall (as well as Smiths News top dog), plus a trophy which sums up exactly what they're all about: the most inspirational team.

Vicky Wheeldon said:

“We had a fabulous day and hope to do it again next year. We were all really touched to win the trophy for the most inspirational team.”

Worcester also 'went the extra mile' fundraising-wise as they went around the event with their buckets to top up their efforts so far. The Consortium raised £600 and Rowan House have nearly raised their £300 target for the day. Here's the Just Giving pages for Get the Word Out and No Pressure, and the My Donate page for Blazing Paddles if you fancy topping up their coffers :)

Alongside the team lists blogged already, here's the roll of honour for The Consortium, team Blazing Paddles:

  • Jane Kingman (Captain)

  • Oliver Levitt (Drummer)

  • Helen Reid

  • Tania Lewin

  • Nick Scraggs

  • Andy Pickernell

  • Tarnya Jinman

  • Louise Hawkins

  • Chris Hubbard

  • Matthew James

  • Adam Tillsley

  • Cathryn Petchey

  • Nigel Taylor

  • Jackie Winchcombe

  • Paul Sambrook

  • Tanith Pike

  • Diane Levitt

  • Lee Davey and James Hearn (Reserves)

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  1. 3 teams mustered by Smiths News - a fantastic effort.