Monday, 25 June 2012

Day Cyclists Support From S to N

As well as our week's regular From S to N crew, a number of other cyclists are joining the team for the day to add some extra special support. They are as follows:

[caption id="attachment_3287" align="alignright" width="300"] Day 1 cyclist Ken Ingham[/caption]

Day 1 (Sunday 24th) - Southampton to Marlborough

  • Nick Gresham (Chief Financial Officer, Smiths News)

  • Ken Ingham (Publisher Account Manager for Smiths News)

Day 2 (Monday 25th) - Marlborough to Banbury

  • Nick Gresham continues on Day 2. He's looking to cycle most of the day -

    [caption id="attachment_3286" align="alignleft" width="300"] Day 1-2 cyclist, Nick Gresham[/caption]

    veering off a few miles before Chipping Norton to head home to Woodstock.

  • Colin White (Deputy Company Secretary at Wakefield House). Colin joins the ride at Swindon, and continues the rest of the day to Banbury.

  • The team will also be stopping off in Chipping Norton to meet book shop owner - and major Bertrams customer - Patrick Neale. I hear the rumours he’ll cycle the rest of the way to the Banbury are unfounded. I'm expecting our Dispatches hot shot reporter - Ian Tallamy - to give us the actual details (and whether they did have tea and cake in the shop's cafe) later :)

Day 4 (Wednesday 27th ) - Nottingham to Hull

  • Adrian Howett (Goods In Supervisor, Nottingham House)

Day 6 (Friday 29th ) - Stockton-on-Tees to Newcastle

  • Fred Napier (Day Pack Manager, Newcastle House). Fred was also one of the CTC cyclists with From S to N participant and colleague Steven Clark.

It's great to see the team getting an extra boost along the way! I'm hoping we'll get to see evidence of the other day cyclists as the week unfolds...


  1. Good to meet you last night - Nick and Ken! Hope you're recovering from yesterday's exertions. Good luck in the triathlon this weekend, Ken.

  2. Mark Cashmore, Chief Executive9 July 2012 at 06:53

    It's great to see our team's efforts boosted with more supporters along the way