Monday, 27 June 2011

The alternative bike ride

Day 1 of The Alternative Bike Ride kicked off this morning at the NNO/NNSC Borehamwood.

Staff are planning to cycle the same mileage as the A-B Bike Ride, but on a stationary exercise bike brought in specially for Community Week. Watch out because any visitors to Borehamwood this week will be asked to jump on!

They had no reporters or members of parliament there to wave them off, but at 9am this morning Ken Ingham peddled off on the 1st leg of their alternative ride. Regional Manager Simon Lockett was there to offer moral support to those staff lining up to take part.

Ken passed the baton to Caroline Weightman, who cycled 20 miles before handing over to Sam Blackman.

Edward Ainsworth cycled 22km in 30 minutes and the last legs were completed by Joe Reynolds and Linda Williamson.

All cyclists were supported on their way by a 12” oscillating fan!!

We await to hear how they do on Day 2 of their Alternative Bike Ride...

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