Friday, 16 August 2013

It's in to Top Gear for Wishes 4 Kids

[caption id="attachment_6554" align="aligncenter" width="640"]Maria (main picture and centre lower row) with some of the children, plus lots of other smiling faces :) Maria (main picture and centre lower row) with some of the children, plus some of the other smiling faces :)[/caption]

If you were very ill and were granted one wish to make a dream come true, what would it be? I'm sure many of you would leap at the chance to be just like Jeremy Clarkson on Top Gear and drive at top speed in a performance car around a racing circuit. Well, that's exactly the wish granted by Wishes 4 Kids to a number of very ill children on July 19th. Dawson's Maria Hieke reports on her continued use of Volunteer Time with the charity, where she made sure everyone had a day to remember...

Once again Wishes 4 Kids pulled it off with another successful day at Donington.  The families arrived at 10am for a full day of excitement. With 44 high performance cars which included, Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Lotus, Morgan, Jaguars, BMWs and many more.   Each child was given a bag of tokens which allowed them access to the cars of their choice which took them around the circuit at great speed. Again the most popular were the police cars which didn’t stop throughout the day.

Each child and their families were provided with lunch, ice cream and doughnuts. There were face painters on site for those who wished to have their faces decorated.

With the help of many volunteers including myself the day’s event went extremely well, and for one day a least the children and their families could forget about their illnesses and spend the whole day having fun.

Inspired by Maria's story? Would you like to give some time to your favourite charity or other worthwhile organisation? Then take a look at our Volunteer Time Page to see what you can do :)

Thanks to Maria for her report and pictures, and to prmedia for some of the photos of the day; their copyright remains as shown. You can see plenty more pictures of the children having a great time and the amazing cars on offer on their website.

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  1. Mark Cashmore, Chief Executive19 August 2013 at 02:12

    Excellent Maria, this is just the kind of use of Volunteer Time I hope will encourage others to do the same.