Monday, 5 August 2013

Futsal Update: Loadsa Teams!

Futsal logoWell, with just a few days left to get all your team registrations in last week, you certainly didn't disappoint! Our inbox was red-hot with sign ups coming in thick and fast, so today we can reveal that we didn't just get the two teams we asked you for, we...

... received details of another 13! That makes the total number of teams registered for September 29th standing at a fantastic 27 :)

So without further ado, let's meet the latest teams:

  1. Robinson's Crusaders - Stockport -  Umar Suleman, Pete Cumston, Kevin Mcdermot, Rihan Khan, Eric Drayson, Matt Alexander, Ste Todd

  2. NAC Novices - NAC, Bradford - Daniel Noble, Mohammed Mazer, Elias Vilegas, Vicky Holdsworth, Natasha Thrams, Ryan Metcalfe, Mohammed Uddin

  3. Bertrams - Bertrams, Norwich - Matt Racher, Aaron Kay, Luke Tuttle, Louis Robinson, Brad Vincent, Mark Tuttle, Graham Carr

  4. Disney Land Standards - Newport - Nathan Heron, Leighton Hansford, Paul Cruden, Andrew Seldon, Croug Lewis, Robert Edwards, Robert Sullivan

  5. Smiths Destroyers - Peterborough - Ashley Brown, Donald Cliff, Charlie Austin, Peter Lindsay, Dean Raymill, Andy Johnson, Lee Fountain

  6. Mission Impossible - The Consortium, Trowbridge - Dan Blake, Andy Mayell, Charlie Trevman, Paul Cottle, Billy Austin, Pete Jackson, Shawn Bryne

  7. Newport Allstars - Newport - Craig Bourne, Nicky Church, Martin Stickler, Cayleb Needham, Miles Griffin, Phil Barnard, Richard Morgan

  8. Newport Beacons - Newport - Shaun Probert, Mike Green, Brian Baston,. Tom Tsambanakis, Ian Jones, Milo Kirkpatrick

  9. Twilightfully Good - Birmingham - Mohammed Khalil, Imran Khan, Umar Saeed, Gurdeep Singh Toor, Asif Ali, Amjid Javed, Faroux Ali

  10. Villains or Not - Birmingham - Kieran Sheridan, Paul Adams, Karl Adams, Daniel Bull, Tom Church, Dwight Tulloch, Keven Davies

  11. Birmingham Twilight Lads - Birmingham - Zahid Faroux, Mohammed Mahmud, Javed Iqbal, Mussie, Leo Thompson, Naveed Sadeeq, Mohammed Fasir

  12. Newmarket Plus 1 - Newmarket - Jason Hien, Steve Lynch, Hugo Da Silva, David Middleton, Mo Manif, Darren Bates

  13. Frontliners Slough - Slough - Suran Amin, Vikas Verma, Junior Samuel, Devron Samuel, Michah Barnes, Lee Shah, Sukhpal Bhatti

NB If you've sent off your registration and your team isn't on today's list, or the one we revealed last week, please contact Claire Phillips-High in the Group Communications team ASAP via email or phone 01793 563530.

We've also set up a Futsal Team News page which shows the full list of teams, plus their captains and players as it stands currently. Do stay tuned here on Community Link-up as we'll be updating the blog with more news about the day and any further team developments along the "Road to Wembley Swindon" on the 29th!

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