Thursday, 8 March 2012

Michael's In!

We have a new Olympian on the block :D

In an exciting 200m breastroke final last night, Michael Jamieson led the race for the first 150 metres just shy of GB record pace, but was pipped to the post down the final length by Bath team mate Andrew Willis. Both qualified to make Team GB in the world's two fastest times this year (2.09.33 and 2.09.84 respectively). They're astonishingly good times which bodes well for The Olympics in July.

Congratulations, Michael from everyone at Smiths News. Now go for the big one!

I'll leave it to Michael to have the last word:

Add your congratulations in the Comments below and I'll make sure Michael sees them.


  1. A HUGE congratulations. You must be elated Michael. All your hard work has paid off. But now the real hard work starts! Bring on the Olympics....

  2. Mark Cashmore, Chief Executive8 March 2012 at 01:12

    Michael, many many congratulations from all your fans and supporters here at Smiths News. We're all delighted by your success and will be cheering you on in London.

  3. Fantastic news Michael, congratulations! I bet those racing sets with Andrew Willis over at Bath Uni are going to be interesting over the next few months.

    The first job's done, now go for gold :)

  4. Kerrie Colford8 March 2012 at 01:43

    Well done Michael - really happy for you! Roll on July.


  5. Brilliant. So much interest and support here at Smiths News. Bet your Mum is proud this morning! Very best of luck for the big one.

  6. Well Done. And Good Luck.

  7. Congratulations Michael, we are so pleased for you!
    Best of luck for the Olympics!

  8. Thats an amazing achievement! Congratulations - Would have loved to have seen the look of pride on your Mum's face!

    Enjoy the experience and good luck.


  9. Well done - what a fantastic result! Best of luck.

  10. Congratulations, this is a fantastic acheivement!

    Charlie at Smiths News, Worcs

  11. Michael .. fantastic result, congratulations, I guess the Jamieson family have all finally relaxed!! Take time to enjoy your fabulous success, whilst we all look forward to watching you in London 2012.

  12. Kev Fitzmaurice8 March 2012 at 03:48

    Fantastic achievement, well done Michael. I cant imagine the amount of work you must have put in to reach this standard. Good luck in the Olympics.

    Kev Fitzmaurice
    Smiths News

  13. Excellent news Michael - look forward to further success in a few months!!
    Having swam alongside some GB swimmers in Stockport, I know how much effort goes into training. Well done!!

  14. Instore Account Team8 March 2012 at 05:08

    Huge Congratulations Michael !!
    You should be extremely proud

  15. Well done Michael, your committment and hard work is inspirational. Good luck for London.

  16. Congratulations, all the hard work finally paid off. Can't wait for London 2012 its been so exciting watching you and all the other swimmers this week! I'm sure all the family are bursting with pride.
    the King family will be cheering you on in the Olympics.

  17. Chuffed to bits for you Michael - all the hard work paid off. Enjoy the feeling - it must be amazing. Good luck


  18. MIcheal so pleased for you, fantastic result. You deserve it with all the hard work you've put in. You've put a lot of smiles on peoples faces this week - well done

  19. Thanks everyone for all the amazing messages, they made such a difference last week - especially after missing out on selection in the 100m!
    I'm so relieved to have made it, I didn't realise how nervous I was until the last few days but it's now sinking in and I feel like a huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders!
    I didn't swim as fast as I was expecting/hoping and it was tough to lose both titles but there is definitely more in the tank and i'm thoroughly looking forward to the next few months!
    Hope to do you all proud, thanks again for all the messages of support, really appreciate them all!

  20. Congratulations and best of luck for the Olympics!