Tuesday, 6 March 2012

After Michael's Race

Michael JamiesonI've mentioned Michael tweets a couple of times - via @mj88live. On Sunday evening I was so glad he does, because his reaction to the 100m breastroke race is an object lesson on how to take defeat in the right way.

This is what he had to say (in 4 tweets):

Hard one to swallow tonight, just don't have the speed on the front end. Sometimes have to hold your hands up & say wasn't quite good enough. Congrats @dsliwinski90 great swim & deserved after all injury problems in last few years. Smashing swim by Benson too, just a young lad & stepped up to the plate tonight. Need to get over this and come out swinging on the 200m on Tuesday! All the messages have been amazing.. really appreciate it, keep em coming :) thanks again.

And here's a mere fraction of the response he's had:

From the winner Daniel Sliwinski:

Thanks @mj88live great sportsman and I'm behind you all the way in 200 big man! #tearitup #greatsportsman #goodfriend

From swimming coach Ian Wright:

Well done @mj88live on your swim tonight. I know you were gutted but your interview was immense sportsmanship and you will blaze the 200.

From fellow swimmer Andrew Mayor:

@mj88live what a true sporting legend, your tweets tonight have been humbling, and inspiring, believe in you for the 200!#innerstrength

From sports enthusiast Elaine Vaughan:

@mj88live credit to your sport & family with your attitude. Good luck for the rest of the week!

From Rebecca Adlington, fresh from her awesome swim in the 400m freestyle final:

@mj88live well done tonight, you have the best attitude. I can't wait to see you in the 200. You're amazing and we all know it :-)

And finally from his sister:

Don't get many guys like @mj88live !! Such an inspiration and role model. So proud to say he's my brother!!!!

So come on everyone, let's all cheer him on for the 200! The heats and semi finals are today and the final tomorrow. I'll make sure any comments you leave below are passed onto Michael.

Update: Since yesterday's post I've also found out the twitter hashtag #champschat is being used by the championship organisers to flash twitter support messages around the Aquatic Centre during the competition. I'll be tweeting Michael with this to see if we can get a big cheer for him from Smiths News onto the message board :)

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  1. Instore Account Team7 March 2012 at 09:23

    We're all right behind you - all the very best for the final, Good luck!