Thursday, 28 July 2011

Blood, sweat and beers

Hot on the heels of Mike Makinson's update, Steve Benson tells us how the folk at Manchester House got along on the recent Manchester to Blackpool charity ride:

"The Manchester cycling team rode under the name of Blood, Sweat and Beers (and trust me there was plenty of all three) and all completed the 61 mile Manchester to Blackpool charity bike ride in one piece and in better time than expected.

The trek proved to be extremely arduous going to the Mancunian novices, but due to their efforts and training over the last few months the Mancs – accompanied by Wigan yonner, Mike Makinson – all got across the finish line in one piece.

Afterwards, copious amounts of ale were consumed in Blackpool’s finest hostelries, as the team regaled and rejoiced, forgetting about their weary limbs and sore bums.

Fundamentally, we have to remember the essential reason for our cycling crusade across Lancashire, so it’s with great pride that we can report Christies Cancer Treatment Centre in Manchester will receive a mammoth donation of over £2,300 from our cyclists: Steve Benson, Aarron Levinson, Kevin Levinson, Anton Levinson, Louis Atkinson, Matty and Gareth Williams, Marc Greens and Mike Makinon.

Well done and thanks to all those who kindly supported our cause. Special thanks to Tracy Weedon who ferried the lads and bikes back to Cheetham Hill from sunny Blackpool."

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