Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Wednesbury Group Update

My but they're busy in the Wednesbury Group, raising money for Community Week.  As well as the forthcoming Fete mentioned earlier, they've also started a Wii Ten Pin Bowling competition, running from 16 May to 1 July.

It is £1 per game to enter the competition and the players with the 4 highest scores will go into a semi-final playoff.  The games take place in the canteen, where their newly purchased TV is now hooked up to a Wii.  I'm sure the competition will be tough, as the winner will get to take home the Wii plus the bowling game!

They've also held a car boot sale, sponsored swim, an 'Oatcakes Morning' - bit different from 'Bacon Buttie Breakfast!, a car wash and plenty more events in the pipeline over the coming months.

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