Sunday, 8 May 2011

Sunday stroll for Stoke

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Stoke House recently sent some of their staff on a wander one fine Sunday, sponsored to raise money for their three nominated charities - Help for Heroes, Sense and Parkinson's UK at Solihull.

One of the walkers, Andy Whitehurst, Supervisor, gives us a report on proceedings:

"We left Stoke House on a sunny Sunday afternoon, aiming to walk 7 miles from the depot, along the canal route from Longport to the centre of Stoke, but if you looked at us you wouldn't think we'd even make it to the end of the lane on the way.

As we walked we found we had a historian amongst us - Steve Bateman (Packer/Driver).  Steve told us all about the area and little local stories, everything from toilets to china to strange things hanging in trees.  He also donated £10 out of the pocket money his wife had given him. 

As we passed the The China Garden pub on our way Denny Brain (Packer) looked like someone with bad nerves - how we got him past that pub I'll never know.  And he was dressed for a night on the town....

Dave Emms, House Manager, was a bit of an expert on canal barges, so he gave us some information on that.  I got asked if I thought we were going for several days and not an afternoon, because the contents of my backpack could have lasted us all well over a week

We walked back again twice as quickly, with Bryan O’Hara (Night Manager) the pace setter on our return journey.  It's amazing how a phonecall from a wife to say your dinner is getting cold can suddenly motivate someone.  Although we think Bryan may have been sleepwalking, as he was very close to the edge of the canal.

We raised £120 for our charities, had a great day out and enjoyed each other's company away from the working environment.  We're seriously considering another walk soon."

Well done Stoke and we look forward to the next update.

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