Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Bristol Group keep busy

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Bristol Group have had a busy April and their fundraising total is now well over £2,000. 

Most recently they held an Easter Raffle which raised £339.  And no wonder – Jon Newport, Brislington Day Pack Manager, approached local businesses for some great prizes, which included a Sat Nav, a bag of Camping Goodies and a special Easter bunny from Thorntons.

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Alec Moody, Bristol North Pack Line Manager, dressed up as a ‘Lady for the Day’.  His colleagues gave him £250 in total for the fun of seeing him in a skirt.

Dave Bellotti, Brislington Day Pack Supervisor, showed off his musical talent to everyone – he sang 3 songs in the warehouse and raised £135.  Watch out X-Factor!

They also held a sweepstake for the Grand National which raised £70, and to date the Bacon Buttie sales have reached £228.

Not bad going!

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