Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Michelle Tells Us About Heartline

[caption id="attachment_3029" align="alignright" width="300"]Michelle with Kieron at Bertrams' Bake and Take last year Michelle with Kieran at Bertrams' Bake and Take last year[/caption]

Betrams' Michelle Ward has been in touch to tell us about an event, charity and a petition which are all very close to her heart...

I am helping to organize an event. We have had a teddy donated by a Norwich bear shop and it will be travelling around the country with a cloth nappy on to help raise awareness of Pulse Oximetry screening and to help raise money for Heartline. The teddy will be travelling to different companies who sell cloth nappies for fundraising and to get people to sign a petition.

The 1st June will be the 1st event the teddy will take part in; we are holding an event at Drayton village hall where we will have stalls, games, refreshments, children’s entertainment (including Peppa Pig) to help raise awareness and also raise as much money as we can. If you would like more details on the events that are happening over the country please have a look at  the Awareness Bear website.

Heartline is a charity that supports parents with children with heart conditions. I have used this lots to get support when I found out my son had a heart condition. They also organize holidays for children with heart conditions  and they can go free of charge.

What is the Pulse Oximetry test?  We are helping the Children’s Heart Federation (CHF) to help raise awareness for the test and to call upon the Government to roll out Pulse Oximetry screening. This will help to discover if the baby has a heart condition so it can be treated earlier. We did not find out that my son had a heart condition until he was 10 weeks old and by then he was in heart failure.

Research shows that this quick and painless test can detect the underlying signs of a heart condition, saving lives through early detection. Please sign the CHF petition to help push for Pulse Oximetry to be added to the national screening programme for all newborns.

Please help save babies life by signing the petition at

(Please make sure you validate your email address once you have signed the petition)



Thanks Michelle - hope all goes well on June 1st (send us your pics!) and that we get you some more signatures for the petition. I saw the test featured on Breakfast News last week and it seemed such a simple and sensible thing to do. You can read more about Michelle and her son Kieran's story here.

News from Michelle, June 2013: I thought I would update you we did the event on sat and have raised £350 once everything has been taken away.

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  1. I hear it was a very successful event. Well done.