Thursday, 9 May 2013

Getting the Word Out

MSC Instore Red Nose Day 2013As you know Worcester and Instore have joined forces (aka Linked-Up) and produced some great updates on their fundraising activities so far this year (the actual reports are here and here).

It now transpires they even have a name for their activities: Get the Word Out. We're only too happy to oblige here on Community Link-Up :)

Worcester and Instore Cake and BakeRange Manager Derek Hampton recently sent out a fundraising update...

So far, we have raised a whopping…


As a reminder, Vicky is doing her British Heart Foundation walk on 19th May. If you’ve not done so already, one way you can show your support is to add to her fundraising page.

You can read about why Vicky is doing her walk here. The bad weather earlier in the year meant the original walk was cancelled, though Vicky elected to do an unofficial walk anyway. Now it's nearly time for the reorganised event - go Vicky, go!

I'm sure Derek and everyone involved won't mind if some of the content is shared from their Get the Word Out Just Giving page...

Why we’re doing what we’re doing.

Smiths News MSC and Instore have joined forces this year to support two charities, Headway - The Brain Injury Association and The British Heart Foundation, as part of our 2013 fundraising efforts. Both charities have a story behind why we're supporting them and we want to raise at least £5000 between them both.

Nigel Dean

Our close colleague and friend, Nigel Dean, passed away unfairly at the start of 2012. For those of you who did not have the pleasure of meeting the legend, he was a fun-loving family man who was passionate about darts and could put a smile on the most miserable of faces. His family and loved ones were supported through their ordeal through the kindness and professionalism of Headway, the brain injury association. It is the least we can do to raise money and awareness of Headway to repay that kindness.

British Heart Foundation

The BHF is another worthwhile charity we are supporting this year. Vicky Wheeldon had a heart attack in February 2011 and received unparalleled care and support from the organisation throughout the ordeal. They are dedicated to actively reducing cardiovascular disease in the UK and provide exceptional aftercare to those that need it. The money we raise will help them save lives.

So, there you have it. A stretch target of £5000 and some compelling reasons why their fundraising is so worthwhile. £1,072.51 is a fantastic achievement so far and we wish you every success in smashing your goal later this year!

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  1. An excellent report and progress. I look forward to hearing you've exceeded your target.