Sunday, 30 December 2012

Superstars: The Result

Michael Jamieson proved he's a top sporting all-rounder by finishing runner-up to boxing's Anthony Joshua in last night's entertaining Superstars programme. Michael was leading at one point having equalled the programme's record score for archery with 46 out of 50. He seemed shocked to have shot so well!

He then proved he's more comfortable IN the water than on it by promptly capsizing his kayak (hence the teasing from his dad) in the pool. A supplementary swimming match featuring Michael, Rebecca Adlington and commentator Iwan Thomas was another highlight.

Good-ish performances on the track and cycling saw Michael in fifth spot going into the final event, the dreaded gym tests. Here he showed his tweets about good sessions in the gym during his Olympic training weren't idle talk. Anthony Joshua was surprised to find Michael had beaten him to the winning score to secure a commendable second spot.

In other news, Michael's 200m breaststroke performance merited 49th place in the Top 50 Olympic Moments shown over Christmas. There's another chance to see this programme tomorrow night (31st December) at 8.30pm on BBC3.

Going forward, Michael has been appointed a British Gas Ambassador. His new role involves helping to promote swimming at all levels of the sport. British Gas Brand director Susie Plume said:

“It was fantastic to see his great performance in London this summer and his swim in Istanbul reinforced his status as a great role model and ambassador for the sport.”

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