Friday, 14 December 2012

Aaron Has a Special Invitation

InvitationAaron, Jaimie Dorward's son had a thrilling invitation recently - to help the National Autistic Society celebrate its 50th birthday!

For such an important occasion, the chosen venue was no ordinary one. It was no other than the Speaker's House at the House of Commons!

Naturally, Aaron couldn't turn down the invitation to such an exciting opportunity and Jaimie accompanied her son on the long trip from Yorkshire to London, using her Volunteer Time from Bertrams to do so.

Although the event was held in the hallowed halls of Westminster, it wasn't about politics but all about celebration. Here's Jaimie and AaronAt the Reception with Jane Asher with Jane Asher, who's been the President of the National Autistic Society since 1997.

And what was it like? Jaimie says it was brilliant!

It looks an amazing place from the photo Jaimie, no wonder you and Aaron had such a wonderful time :)

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