Monday, 11 April 2011

Mind how you go

Ian Tallamy, IS, Wakefield House, has been keeping his own blog about his training for the A-B Bike Ride. Here is an extract from a recent session:

"Training seemed to be going well, that was until last night. I decided to take my old touring cycle for a ride up to Bristol airport. A tricky climb, but good for building stamina, and then followed by a great reward going back downhill again. Well it would have been if it wasn't for an enormous and very unfriendly pothole (thanks North Somerset).

It was a quiet road, quite a nice downhill stretch, and I was probably going about 25mph when it happened. I hit the pothole so hard (didn't see it because it was quite dark with no street lighting) I nearly flew over the top of the handlebars and had to fight to stay on the bike. I thought I'd escaped, but then the familiar sound of a flat tyre broke the silence. The rim of the tyre split off from the wheel and jammed into the brakes bringing the bike swiftly to a halt (another fight to save falling off).

The worst however was yet to come - I had no spare inner tube (or tyre) on me, so I had to make that embarrassing phone call home 'Can you come and pick me up please'. Enough said."

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