Friday, 8 April 2011

Coventry for the cup

First bowling, now football - Coventry House are an active group of people! They recently held a football match in aid of charity and judging by the photographs they had a lot of fun...  Kevin Davies, SAP HR Manager, gives us a run-down on how the event went:

“Our challenge match took place on Sunday 20 March.  We had Managers (with a special guest appearance from Tom Sheehy and some of the night staff) VS Twilight Staff (who also had a couple of night staff on board).

Twilight got off to a bad start, with their goalie getting injured during the warm-up. This meant the rest of the team had to take it in turns to play in goal. While Twilight were still figuring themselves out Managers went ahead after just 3 minutes.

Twilight responded with a few breaks down the pitch, but were unable to force their way through the formidable centre back pairing of the opposition.  Managers rallied again with a great first half, and by half time the score was 5-0 to Managers.

Things didn’t improve much for Twilight in the second half, with Managers pulling away to a 10-0 advantage with just 15 minutes to go.  But the effort was getting to Managers, and they seemed to tire – Twilight were suddenly all over the field (having 13 players on the pitch for the last few minutes certainly helped!) and managed to score 2 goals before Management knocked in another one just before the whistle blew.

Suffice to say the game was played in great spirits and apart from the Twilight goalie nobody was injured.  Unless of course you count pride – some players were a bit sore on that count.

The leading goal scorer was Moh Hanif (Night Manager), who scored 4 goals.  For some reason he spent a lot of the game closer to the Twilight team’s goal line than the halfway line.

After the game a raffle was held, with several prizes donated by local companies, newsagents etc.

The total raised on the day for the Raffle and Football Match was £308, so well worthwhile. The main organiser of the event was Ray George, Twilight Shift Manager, who went round local businesses drumming up raffle prizes.  The losers are talking about a re-match at a later stage in the year…”







Final Score:   Managers 11 Twilight 2

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