Thursday, 3 October 2013

Team Pastel: Really Proud of Our Achievements

[caption id="attachment_6882" align="aligncenter" width="640"]Team Pastel with Michael Jamieson. From L-R we have: Sam Page, Laura Morris, Lisa Pass, Sophie Morris and Michael Jamieson Team Pastel with Michael Jamieson. From L-R we have: Sam Page, Laura Morris, Lisa Pass, Sophie Morris and Michael Jamieson[/caption]

We have news of our second Swim Britain team participants - from InStore/Worcester MSC, who following our gallant trailblazers from Newport, took part in Saturday's event in Bristol! In what must have been a very busy weekend for Laura Morris - she also played in Sunday's Futsal tournament - she's finally managed to pause for breath to bring us news of Team Pastel's venture into the pool...

Swim Britain 2013 – Bristol Hengrove Park Leisure Centre

Last weekend marked the final of the Swim Britain events and, as Ambassadors of Swim Britain, both Michael Jamieson and Mark Foster were there to support everyone taking part.

There were 15 teams in total, most of them either professional swimmers or strong swimmers at least. Jackie Jamieson also took part in a team with her daughter and even had a professional triathlete on board!

Everyone swam really well - Team Pastel came 12th overall, but we were really proud of our achievements – we swam over 1000m each! Highlights were meeting Mark Foster and getting our t-shirts signed, and of course having our medals presented by Michael Jamieson :) Needless to say, his team swam extremely fast and were finished in no time!

Team Pastel are raising money for The British Heart Foundation.

Editor's Footnote

British Gas Swimming have some excellent photos from all the Swim Britain events on their Facebook Page which give a good flavour of all the goings on. The set from Cardiff has plenty of photos of our Newport team - poolside with their supporters, during the warm up and in the water!

If you take a peek at the Bristol set of photos you can play 'Spot InStore's Jackie Jamieson',  as well as seeing more of Team Pastel ;)

It's great to see so many smiling faces at both the Cardiff and Bristol events.

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  1. Mark Cashmore, Chief Executive12 October 2013 at 13:43

    Great to see Smiths News supporting an initiative which is also supported by Michael Jamieson, and taking the opportunity for a spot of fundraising in the process.