Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Last Call for Futsal Teams

Futsal posterWith just two days to go until Thursday's closing date for Futsal team registration, it's time to reveal the tremendous response we've received so far. Teams from far and wide will descend on Swindon's Futsal Arena for a packed day of friendly rivalry, goals and no offside rule!

14 teams from 8 locations are signed up and ready to go on September 29th. We need just 2 more teams so we can run a full European style Championship format: 4 groups of 4 teams, with the top 2 teams qualifying from each group to play in the knock out stages.

Right, so who's signed up for all the fun?

Ladies and Gentlemen, please show your support for...

  1. Smithy and the Swindon Smiths - Rowan House - Paul Smith, Brett Hanley, Simon Sargent, Alex Harding, Dan Giles, Justin Yates, Fred Pavone

  2. BG1 - Borehamwood - Jason Biggs, Marek Vanda, Peter Janak, Ben Boateng, David Canwell, Kofi Konadu, Carlos Burris

  3. Plymouth Pilgrims - Plymouth - Chris Hulme, George Tucker, Neil Priter, Scot Luscombe, Aaron Churnery, Jason Adamson, Paul Latham

  4. Brian Munich - Worcester  - Darren Clarke, Alex Williams, James Lamb, Steve Goode, Andy Wheeldon, Matt Cooke

  5. Goal Goal Power Rangers - Worcester - James Webster, Gavin Spares, Mark Falcon, Ross Jones, Tim Williams, Tim Concannon

  6. BG2 - Borehamwood - Marc Curtis, Ackestar Baloyi, Tony Pitcock, Lee Darkins, Barry Ings, Mark Woods

  7. The Conslaughter-Em - The Consortium - Matt James, Andy Pickernell, Tim Furniss, Andy Wilcox, Dan Perels, Chris Hubbard, Lee Davey

  8. The Shrewsbury Strollers - The Consortium,  Shrewsbury - Paul Murray, Paul Sambrook, Russell Mellings, Hugh Haimes, Ed Knott, Simon Kunne, Richard Tonks, Jim Green

  9. Bend it Like Beckham Girls! - Rowan House - Nic Black, Claire Phillips-High, Laura Morris, Lucy Manfield, Anya Perry, Sam Marlow, Joni Watkins

  10. Dogs of War - The Consortium - Ashley Warner, Pete Spong, Paul Ford, Reuben Spong, Wayne Heath, Ryan Baggs, Shane Spong

  11. The Misfits - Rowan House - Tom Wright, Jonathan Williams; full team to be announced later

  12. Spartan Blues - Reading - Mark Durrant , Martin Balon, Jason Goddard, Adam Skibinski, Robert Taupmans, Aleksander Adamiec, Marius Pardela 

  13. Borussia Instore - Instore - Ross Hall-Galley, Sean Comasky, Chris Townrow, Mike Frost, Sam Page, Stu Birch, James Bullen

  14. Strikers Notts - Nottingham - Dean Martin, Gavin Howard, Steve Bateman, Steve Fox, James Cairney, Andy Jaques, Rob Drummond

You'll find full details about the day here.

So about those 2 extra teams... Do we have an Exec team ready to take on all comers? Or perhaps Bertrams are bursting to show everyone their skills? Who will be the pride of the north? Grab your team and submit your registration form now!

Remember, all futsal teams and any updates to the team lists will be revealed exclusively via the Community Link-Up blog. Why not register for your email update via the right hand sidebar so you don't miss a thing?

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