Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Vicky is Mending Hearts

[caption id="attachment_4987" align="alignleft" width="640"]The British Heart Foundation's show garden at Chelsea Flower Show in 2011. Designed to raise awareness of their Mending Hearts campaign The British Heart Foundation's show garden at Chelsea Flower Show in 2011. It was designed to raise awareness and to help fund their Mending Broken Hearts appeal[/caption]

Vicky Wheeldon has been in touch with the details of an email she sent recently to all her colleagues in Worcester.  Perhaps others at Smiths News would like to add their support to Vicky's efforts?

"As most of your are probably aware just over two years ago I suffered a heart attack.

Thanks to the support from the British Heart Foundation (BHF), family and friends I made a full recovery.

I am now looking to repay the support I received by raising money for the BHF Mending Broken Hearts appeal.

On Sunday 24th March I will be participating in a 4 mile walk around Worcester with other heart attack survivors. Four miles may not sound far, but for heart attack victims it is a huge step towards full recovery and is an extremely worthwhile cause.

I am hoping you can support me in my quest to raise as much money as possible for the BHF.

You can make a donation via my Just Giving page. It's easy, fast and totally secure. Just Giving sends our donation straight to British Heart Foundation and, if you're a UK tax payer, automatically reclaims Gift Aid on British Heart Foundation's behalf.

Any donations however small will be greatly received and I hope you'll join me in supporting the British Heart Foundation."

Best of luck Vicky and let us know how you got on :)

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