Friday, 17 February 2012

From S to N Reminder

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There's just one week for you to get your application form in for this year's From S to N bike ride, If you've been dithering over whether to apply, here's what some of last year's From A to B participants said - quite spontaneously - about last year's experience:

Being part of the A-B group last year was a real privelege and I hope the coverage inspired others to challenge themselves this year. Chris Atherton, Commercial, Wakefield House.

This was an amazing experience. Don’t underestimate the amount of preparation you’ll need to do for this event, both in terms of fundraising and exercise – and if you’re anything like me, you’re still trying to work off the Christmas pudding. The recipe for a great week is all there, with the Smiths News ingredients of guidance, support, encouragement and fun with a twist of satisfaction and a helpful topping of pride in what you’ve achieved. Ian Tallamy, IS Wakefield House.

Had A great time Last Year it was A Fantastic Week. I Hope To be On the team again this year. Ian Evans, Aberystwyth.

Last year’s bike ride was a great experience and a big achievement for all those involved. I will always remember the first day riding through the Welsh mountains. Unfortunately I will not be able to make it this year as I will be embarking on a separate challenge – to cycle up 3 cols in the French Alps (Col du Galibier, Alpe d’Huez and Croix de Fer). All the best to those who take part in this year’s event and enjoy the experience! Simon Cousins, IS, Wakefield House.

Last years bike ride was a great experience, a lot of great people and some really big hills. It was hard work but really good fun. I would recommend this to anyone it’s a chance of a life time. Jason Marshall, Peterborough.

So don't delay, you can request an application form from Kerrie Colford on 01793 56 3516 or email . The closing date is 24th February.

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