Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Tall Ships Adventure

We're finishing off 2011 with a look back at some of the fundraising stories which made Autumn's editions of Dispatches. First up is Anya Perry's Traveller's Tale...

Tall Ships Adventure Anya Perry

Anya Perry, Corporate Development Executive, recently took part in a Tall Ships race in Scandinavia. The race was from Stavangar in Norway to Helmstad in Sweden and took 6 days to complete. Anya and the rest of the crew sailed on The Stavros, at 60m long the smallest of their Class A ships, some of which reached up to 120m long.

One of the rules for entering the race is that at least half the crew have to be under 25, giving a fantastic opportunity to young people to partake in an amazing experience.
Anya describes her time on board:

Every rope on the boat had to be pulled by hand as there were no automatic winches, which was a different sailing experience for me. 

We also had to climb the mast in order to stow the sails away, and getting up in the middle of the night to go on watch was a regular occurrence, so it was a pretty different experience!

There were 69 boats in total on the seas, with 20 competing in Class A. Each crew consisted of up to 60 people!

Well done Anya, though I'm glad it was you on that mast rather than me!

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